Single tube, multi tube and portable instruments for reporter gene assays, immunoassays, hygiene monitoring, water toxicity and cellular luminescence

Already in its 3rd generation the Lumat³ offers the functionality, versatility and superior performance you can expect from an instrument developed by Berthold Technologies.


Maintaining the achievements of the prior generations like true single photon counting detector, frictionless JET injectors and the sample turret the Lumat³ sets a new standard with the ICE user software.

The automatic tube luminometer AutoLumat is an unique instrument for the measurement of bio- and chemiluminescence applications. Up to 164 samples placed in a chain can be measured once or sequentially many times over a long period.


• Reporter Gene assays • ATP monitoring • luminescent immunoassays (LIA) • enzyme measurements • cellular luminescence / oxidative burst

Junior is a small portable tube luminometer designed for all common applications using glow-type bioluminescent and chemiluminescent reagents. It can be used in a number of diverse fields of application including.


• biomedical research • clinical diagnostics • hygiene monitoring • process control in biotech • environmental monitoring of water quality


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