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BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH continues a long and unequalled tradition of innovative and original contributions to the development of sensors, detection systems and instruments dating back to 1949. On offer are high performance standard products, optimal solutions for specific customer applications and OEM instruments for Biosciences, Medicine, Industrial Process Control and Radiation Protection.

Berthold Australia is proud to support the sales and service of the Radiation Protection and Bioanalytical Instruments divisions of Berthold Technologies GmbH.


Radiation Protection

Contamination Monitors
Dose Rate Monitors
Activity / Low Level Counting
Monitoring of Airborne Radioactivity
Illicit Trafficking Radioactivity
Nuclear Data Processing

Berthold Technologies Radiation Protection Applications

Radiation Protection

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH Radiation Protection designs, manufactures and distributes instruments and systems for the detection of radioactive contaminations, for dose rate monitoring, for the measurement of activities and for monitoring of airborne activity concentrations. Our customers are primarily in research, nuclear industry, nuclear energy and authorities, but also in nuclear medicine and in other industries using radioactivity or ionizing radiation. 

Bioanalytical Monitoring

Microplate Readers
in-vivo Imaging Instruments
Gel Imaging Systems
Tube Luminometers
Radio HPLC MonitorsGamma Counters

Berthold Technologies Bioanalytic Applications

Bioanalytical Monitoring

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES GmbH Bioanalytic designs, manufactures and distributes instruments for life science research, biotechnology and drug discovery and is well known for its luminometers. Our customers are primarily in research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, but also in hospitals, environmental, food and beverage control and hygiene monitoring. Even forensic labs are using our sensitive instruments.

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